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Posts tagged: self

Starting new or trying to anyways..

I’m leaving all I know..everyone I know. I will meet new faces and they will not know mine. I will try to lead the life I wanted from the beginning. There is no past, no mistakes, no regrets, no old memories that cloud my head and make me wonder. There was not a life before this one, I have decided that I was born today. At 20 years old, 5’8, 115 llbs. I will make it through because I have to. I will enjoy it because I so desperatly want to. As of now, history has been erased. As of always, I’m lost. As of now, I will find my path.

Yes, I can do this. I care very little that it doesn’t make sense. The first 20 years didn’t..I think the next 20 will get off to a┬árocky start but I’m for damn sure going to have fun and find myself in the process.